Pacaso started with one guy achieving his personal goal of owning a second home. That guy is Austin Allison, tech entrepreneur and now CEO of Pacaso. Austin created a new category of second home ownership to help make the dream possible for more people.

Nearly 10 million second homes sit unoccupied for 11 months a year in the U.S. Meanwhile, millions of people dream of owning and enjoying a second home. To solve this, Pacaso was created, a service to expand second home ownership. Pacaso empowers people to own a share of a second home, from 1/8 to 1/2, and experience true real estate ownership.

Although Pacaso is based in California, its team is an intentionally distributed workforce of mission-driven, customer-obsessed tech veterans. No matter where Pacaso team members work, they are dedicated to making Pacaso a household name.

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